Who we are

Our journey started back in 2010 when the founder Richard Pentecost had the rink built in order to allow Hawaiian hockey players the ability to compete at the national and International level. This world class facility hosted our athletes to train at a high level with the help of Jami Yoder - a former professional hockey player.

Since the founding of our rink, our hockey teams have been taking home medals and trophies tournament after tournament to show the world just how great Hawaiian athletes can be.

Now, since 2018, we have opened our doors to roller skating and dancing to promote exercise and health that comes with roller skating and hockey. We hope everyone gets to enjoy the wonderful activity of skating at our home.

Our Team

Richard Pentecost

Richard Pentecost


Allen Donathan

Allen Donathan


Contact Us

If you would like to get in contact with us, please call 808 682 5442 only during our business hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. As a back up, you may text 808 772 994I to contact Allen. He usually responds on Tuesdays.